Grade 4




Mrs. Joyce Anne Yates, Master's in Education with an Emphasis in Educational Counseling, Certified K-12 School Counselor 


Mrs. Yates is an experienced educator and certified school counselor, She has taught grades K - College. Her career path has included teaching elemtary school for 10 years, high school and college for 2 years and serving as campus counselor on Elementary, Jnior High, and High School levels for 18 years. Mrs. Yates is from Texas and has lived and worked in Micronesia, Palau, and the CNMI for 10 years. She is currently teaching 4th grade at the Saipan SDA School where she enjoys the opportunity of working with her favorite grade level: students in the intermediate grades. She is looking forward to teaching her students life skills that will prepare them for their future in this life and the Eternal Life with Jesus Christ. 


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