Elementary Curriculum

In January 2011, the Saipan Seventh-day Adventist School adopted a new curriculum written by the educational experts and consultants at the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists Educational Headquarters in Washington, D.C.  Saipan SDA School is unique in that we are a small school with caring teachers who can give individual attention to students, but at the same time we are directly associated with the second largest school system in the world.  This direct association with the Seventh-day Adventist Education Department gives us access to some of the worlds most highly acclaimed scholars and educational experts and provides your child with an excellent education. In January 2020, the Saipan SDA School underwent an evaluation and was given a 6-year accreditation (the highest available accreditation) by the Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA).

As representatives of of the Adventist educational system on Saipan, our promise is to always work toward offering education that will set each student on the path to excellence.

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English and Language Art


Physical Education


Social Studies


Fine Arts


NAD Adventist Education Website


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