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At Saipan Seventh-day Adventist School our desire is to provide our students with a quality education in a safe and pleasant environment that is conducive to learning. Unfortunately, much of this comes at a cost. In an effort to make it a possibility, we need your help.

*All gifts are tax deductible.

YES (Youth Education Sponsor) Scholarship

Contribution to the YES Scholarship is a yearlong commitment to giving $70 per month to one specific student’s tuition fund. Donations may be entirely anonymous or may allow for the donor to receive updates on the student’s progress.

5K Hope Run Scholarship

The 5K Hope Run is an annual fundraiser held by the Saipan SDA School to benefit children in the community who are in need of financial assistance in order to enroll. Percentage of scholarship given is based on need.

Annual Fund

Donations to the Annual Fund help cover our school’s operational expenses. These contributions are yearly commitments that may go toward a specific school expense or toward general operating expenses.

Volunteer Opportunities

Giving to Saipan SDA School does not necessarily have to involve dollars and cents. One valuable donation that parents can give is the gift of time. By being an active participant of what goes on at our school, parents can help make the school year a smoother one for students, teachers, and administrators alike.

Here are a few ways you can help: Reading to students in class, chaperoning for field trips, tutoring, coaching sports teams, landscaping, providing labor for various building improvements.

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