Scholarship/Financial Aid


SDA Clinic Scholarship: This scholarship is for new students whom need financial assistance. An Academic Standard of 80% grade average is required to be held. The amount awarded will be applied each month. Parent Contribution Plan required.

Hope Run Scholarship: This scholarship is for students who need financial assistance. An Academic Standard of a C average is required to be held. Parent Contribution Plan required.

YES (Youth Education Sponsor) Scholarship: This scholarship is funded by donors who are willing to make a monthly contribution to a specific child’s education.

Below are the requirements to being accepted into  Saipan Seventh-day Adventist School’s Worthy Student Program:

Step 1 – Turn the following into the Admissions Office

  • Application for Worthy Student Program
  • Letter of Recommendation of Student
  • Financial Burden Documentation

o     Last 2 pay stubs

o     2020 Tax Return

o     Household Expenses

  • Student’s Transcript of Records

Step 2

  • Student & Parent Interviews

o     Review Eligibility for Scholarships Available

Step 3

  • Receive Letter of Acceptance/Non-Acceptance

Step 4

  • Meet with Accountant

o     Sign Parent Contribution Plan

  • Complete Registration Requirements
  • Student Orientation

We’re looking forward to a great learning experience with you.

Admission to the Saipan Seventh-day Adventist School is open to all students regardless of ethnic background/origin or religious beliefs.

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