Scholarship/Financial Aid


Work Study: Work Study is a financial aid program that allows a student grades 7-8 to work on campus to earn money to help tuition expenses. Work Study is not a scholarship (you must work to earn it). Your earnings will depend on where you work and the type of work you perform. Work Study jobs are limited and go to the students with need and who are responsible. You must apply for Work Study each school year.

SDA Clinic Scholarship: This scholarship is for new students whom need financial assistance. An Academic Standard of 80% grade average is required to be held. The amount awarded will be applied each month. Parent Contribution Plan required.

Hope Run Scholarship: This scholarship is for students who need financial assistance. An Academic Standard of a C average is required to be held. Parent Contribution Plan required.

YES (Youth Education Sponsor) Scholarship: This scholarship is funded by donors who are willing to make a monthly contribution to a specific child’s education.

Below are the requirements to being accepted into  Saipan Seventh-day Adventist School’s Worthy Student Program:

Step 1 – Turn the following into the Admissions Office

  • Application for Worthy Student Program
  • Letter of Recommendation of Student
  • Financial Burden Documentation

o     Last 2 pay stubs

o     2018 Tax Return

o     Household Expenses

  • Student’s Transcript of Records

Step 2

  • Student & Parent Interviews

o     Review Eligibility for Scholarships Available

Step 3

  • Receive Letter of Acceptance/Non-Acceptance

Step 4

  • Meet with Accountant

o     Sign Parent Contribution Plan

  • Complete Registration Requirements
  • Student Orientation

We’re looking forward to a great learning experience with you.

Admission to the Saipan Seventh-day Adventist School is open to all students regardless of ethnic background/origin or religious beliefs.

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