Principal Lylton Powell

Teaching Principal
(670) 234-7326 / (670) 234-7330

A.A. Basic Accounting

B.A. Professional Studies

M.A. Elementary Education

M.A. Secondary Education

Mr. Lylton Powell is a dedicated leader who continually motivates his students and colleagues. He reaches students from the ground level and inspires them to reach their highest potential. Mr. Powell has worked in public and parochial schools. He holds a professional teaching license and SDA denominational certification. Mr. Powell is fully committed to missionary work and never misses an opportunity to teach others about Jesus. He ministers through his teaching, music, guidance and friendship.





Virle Shay Gayatin
Office Manager / Accountant

(670) 234-7326 / (670) 234-7330





Sheila Awitan 
Office Assistant

(670) 234-7326 / (670) 234-7330





Travis Long
Office Assistant

(670) 234-7326 / (670) 234-7330


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